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Introducing InstantAgencyTools - the free
toolset to help you organize your business

Run more productive meetings and align your teams behind a shared vision. Build and visualize the organizational structure that fits your business. Track your core kpis and see how you're doing over time. All in one place. Free forever. No catches.

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You can get started instantly by creating your first free Weekly Meeting (recommended), Vision and Plan, Organisational Chart or Scorecard. Or keep going and learn more about the tools.

Weekly Meeting

Make meetings productive, save time and get the important things done faster

Meandering meetings are no more. Let the Weekly Meeting tool do the busy work and preparation. It's a timed weekly meeting with an effective structure to keep your team on the same page: positive news, a recap on your business health, quarterly goals and to-dos, and the focus on discussing the important topics. The Weekly Meeting URL always remains the same. Bookmarked once, never lost.

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Organisational Chart

Visualize the organizational chart that's right for your business

Share with your team the organizational structure that creates accountability and everyone knows their way around your business. Make sure you have the right people sitting in the right seats and outline their responsibilities. No whiteboard or (painful) mind-mapping tools required...simply create seats and drag and drop them into the right position.

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Track your business's health and make progress on the right priorities

How do you know your business is healthy? By measuring your business's core kpis you ensure you're making progress in the right direction. Track the most important leading indicators for your business and identify performance patterns over the course of a quarterly cycle. Interpret trends and tackle risks before they grow into a real obstacle for your team.

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Vision + Plan

Create business-wide transparency and alignment around your long-term focus

Transparency avoids miss-communication and creates alignment. Build your two-page Vision + Plan that's focused on success: your vision page looks at your company values, your niche, target market and mid-term goals. The tactics page outlines your 1-year plan, quarterly goals and any obstacles in your way. Keep your vision in sight, set your key priorities and communicate both effectively.

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Still wondering if FREE is worth it?

InstantAgencyTools helps your team get organized and save time.

How? Through...

One vision = less debate around direction and stronger decision-making

Productive weekly meetings = no more running over through structured, productive and timed meetings, plus automatic meeting preparation

Knowing who's who and what they're accountable for with the Organisational Chart

Visualising how your business is doing and pre-empting issues with Scorecards

(Optional) automatic sync of to-dos into Teamwork= less admin work and automatic meeting preparation